Our Services

Quality Patient Healthcare Supplies

Distribution & Logistics

Due to standout integrated system and effective process routing for our distribution management we can indulge better flowabilities and reliability of our services for our customers. Whether you need regional support and expertise or require a solution, you can depend on us to reliably supply your products. Our logistics experts carefully consider your product dynamics to select the optimal mix of supply mode needed to maintain product integrity while balancing distribution speed and cost efficiency.

Sales & Supply Chain Management

Being in the business for a while we have the experience needed to optimize and manage your sales and ensure cost-effective approaches with simple protocols. Our unmatched capabilities in supply management include: Supply chain project lifecycle management, from manufacturing through final accountability and destruction Supply chain planning and optimization services including forecasting Coordination and collaboration with institutions to develop and monitor the supplies plan Integration with systems including co-development of requirements, specifications and monitoring reporting and supply chain visibility Management of inventory levels and expiry data to monitor and control stock at storage facilities and controlled substance management

Export/ Import

We are expanding our service for local and international Manufacturers to collaborative working in East & West Africa, Bangladesh, Srilanka and to new venues. In wake of todays need to provide health awareness and remedial solutions to health community we are destined to headway our marketing efforts and our value-added presence as well.

We consider ourselves to be part of a network committed to high quality standards which contributes to the security of supply with medicinal products. On this basis, we offer international pharmaceuticals to authorized distribution services.

Biding Service

Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer these services which are critical in public sector institutional sales. Our bidding services ensure that we are providing proposals to target institutes that are clear and consistent in the scope of work. We work with as a quality contractor and can assist your organization in making a professional and competent bid.